Realm Rank 2
Region Rank 277
World Rank 482
Warcraft Movie was surprisingly good!!! :d
Everyone without keys unite!
@summer it was more filled with passive aggresiveness this time. Gotta keep it fresh.
2nd giveaway on MMO-Champ btw :p
I feel you Victor. I'm in the same situation as you. I've never felt so much hatred from Blizzard before, and in protest I have started doing Archaeology from scratch...again
but ty anyways <3 :d
hmm I feel it was a bit low on rage tbh :p
I cried, I laughed, I feel like a better man now after reading that.
Blizzard HQ. Why oh why doth thou my wrath incurreth and has thou not preceeded with givith me beta accesshsshs. Then the WoW Gods of Blizzard HQ beckoned little Victor ever closer and whispered in his ear: Git Gud Scrub.
close, yet still so far away. It has now been more then a month, little Victor has entered more then 7 contests so far, narrowly missing the cut and still does not have Beta access. So Victor began to become angry. And asked to the WoW gods of
You do not have access to shout

Quelm Recruiting for Legion!

Summer a posted Jan 16, 16

After clearing current content we're now in farm mode until Legion. Current recruitment status is shown on the top left but even if we're not looking for your specific class don't hesitate to get in contact since with a new expansion several people are looking to reroll and spots can be arranged.

We're also sometimes running alt runs / pugs on Fridays that can give a feel for the guild without hassle.

Legion awaits and along with it, epic kills and even more epic wipes! 

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