Realm Rank 3
Region Rank 323
World Rank 598
Team 3 mythic at raid time today??
my last game had bastion and torbornornron on att, gg
Im done with overwatch, shit comps each match
Finally have a decent audio setup :) Crying over spriest nerfs enjoy! [link]
Those shaman buffs! I think I cried a little
RIP my ST damage.
Those ret buffs! I think I cried a little.
when you carry the raid with your RLing and then told youre not liked enough to come to a mythic dungeon :'(
You do not have access to shout

First Week Done, 7/7 Heroic :)

Summer a posted Sun at 22:00

Forgot to take a killshot but here's some kill videos instead. Will update to Xavius one when and if there's one :P

Good job everyone, Mythics next reset!!

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