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Yeah, idk if theres a way to get different artifacts on the same character yet or not, kinda sucks :(
You'll have to make a new Mage atm. I had to do to try holy
baby mage how did you start the arc artifact quest or did you make a new mage to do it?
B00TS Lenny? :p
yeah, been on the arcane one for about 2 hours now xD keep crashing and then logging back in dead.. :(
alpha is unstable as fuck for me, tried to do the holy priest artifact stuff but it just kept on crashing
On the alpha and Doomhammer broke, fuck.
i went on the alhpa
You do not have access to shout

Quelm Recruiting for Legion!

Summer a posted Jan 17, 16

After clearing current content we're now in farm mode until Legion. Current recruitment status is shown on the top left but even if we're not looking for your specific class don't hesitate to get in contact since with a new expansion several people are looking to reroll and spots can be arranged.

We're also running a mythic alt run / pug on Fridays that can give a feel for the guild without hassle and at lower gear levels or experience.

Legion awaits and along with it, epic kills and even more epic wipes! 

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