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i found a cloyster today, but ofc it was only like 29cp :( got a really high vulpix in an egg though and some more dratinis :d
And over halfway done with my 10km egg, what will I get :o
Haha thought you'd be happy about that one Imag :d got some really good ones today baby mage!!
Needs more snorlax!
Yeah 1.5k one too!
omfg, i got another jynx.. for like the 3rd time
Callum got a snorlax in his 10k egg today... :o
Ursoc first then nyantra and illidan and guldan after. read tactics nada!
Yes go read up on guldan nada
Are we doing the new raids or is it still HFC?
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Summer a posted Sun at 18:20

Quelm is back and ready to take on Emerald Nightmare!

Recruitment: Our roster is very full at the moment and we're not actively recruiting, though a boomie might find a home with us. Exceptional applicants will always be considered, however.

Boosts: We are back to selling the Archimonde and Blackhand mounts, more information here.

Our raiders: Legion launch information is collected here, Summer's Mythic+ Dungeon Group Finder operates through here  :)


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