Realm Rank 2
Region Rank 277
World Rank 482
Queen flies on easyjet o.O
Fkn EU, our leader uses Easyjet
Here you can see Merkels plane Hollands plane + Iron Maidens plane [link]
inb4 mopho's pc dies xD
Gonna get new internet today so I won't suffer from any lagg during legion! HYPE
ill always be whoring those few extra points :p
somehow I doubt you'll be our lowest dps :p
Meanwhile shadow priest legendary gets nerfed while we already do the shittiest damage in T19 era (Cept monk but who plays those anyway)
ok fire mage legendaries are now perfectly balanced and there's nothing to see...!
some legendary items nerfed [link]
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Summer a posted Jul 24, 16

Quelm is back and ready to take on Emerald Nightmare!

Recruitment: More or less closed at the moment save for maybe a good hunter. Exceptional apps are of course always welcome.

Our raiders: Legion launch information is collected here, Summer's Mythic Dungeon Group Finder operates through here  :)


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