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nope coz they're on seperate accounts, i tried copying over the wtf folder shit for grimsbad but nothing happened xD
Can't you just use the profiles from your other char?
hardknock lyfe
merrrrr i transfered my rogue back onto my main account and now i have to setup my whole UI again :( :(
ya'l fuckers need jesus :sick:
i think At blizzcon they said pvp will have seperate weapons etc so it sounded to me like pve and pvp were getting more seperated (wich is great imo)
the weapons will still be for pvp yes?
OMG gratz pepeeps


Another tricky fight, not made any easier by a variety of DC's (myself included!) and several tactical "re-adjustments" but alas the penultimate boss in Hellfire Citadel falls!

Uzual The fear never ends!! ...
Summer a So on the kill we lose 2 dps in P1; I fuck up first Wraths and we can't grip the first Imps on P3 and still it somehow d ...

More DKs always fixes the problem...

Zeruge Come on Dash get on his level! ...
Summer a Rob was being a good boy again ...
Dashiki i beat rob "again" <3

Tyrant toppled! 10/13m

[GM] Ash a posted Oct 7, 15

Possibly one of the best kills ever, featuring pro tanking from Neb.

Oh and...

Nebula #420blazeitswagmlgtanking
[GM] Ash a Valid point :(
Daish 420k melee hits on tanks by that point, getting crit would just make your overkill larger ...

9/13 Fel Lord down

[GM] Ash a posted Sep 13, 15

Something something...

Oh btw 8/13M ye boi

[GM] Ash a posted Sep 9, 15

After finally cracking the wall that is Gorefiend another 2 bosses fell in a very short time period. With a 1% wipe on Fel Lord you can be sure to see an update this reset!

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