Realm Rank 2
Region Rank 441
World Rank 682
think of it as getting to do a fun new raidlike dungeon that is karazhan! and the new easy way to get raid consumables now wich is a quality of life improvement! :d
all thse epic rewards I'm getting, I can barely contain the excitement!
oh I'm sorry, yeah I love doing the same dailies for a year! game's never been better!
stop being eternally negative whenever something new comes out its depressing
shit grind is shit
all dis juicy ap O_O over 130K ap already today <3
if you're still wearing crafted items (rings, necks) remember to upgrade them with oblit today
Tacs for Shade of Aran ;)
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Eyeheart 5/7 M

Summer ao posted Tue at 5:38

Special thanks to the hunters for blob management :) On to Cenarius!

Mopho Vagina boss
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