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This form is for raider applications. Social members can get website access through here.

Please make sure that you have read before making an application. It is essential you know how our guild works and you will need the information in that thread to complete your application. Thank you and good luck!
Application form

Application Form

Email Address:
I Personal Information
Real Name (Optional)
II Character Information
Please tell us about the character with which you are applying
WoW Character Name
WoW Server
Your Battlenet tag
Please provide a link to any logs from raids you have participated in
Main Spec / Off Spec
III Experience and Performance
How would you describe your experience and proficiency with each spec? Would you be competent and confident enough to play your off spec reasonably well in a current raid encounter?
Describe your current rotation/ability priorities on a typical raid encounter
Can you give us a link to a screenshot of your UI (in combat) and tell us a bit about the keybinds, macros and addons you use?
How do you improve your class knowledge and improve yourself as a player?
What is your current and previous raiding experience (at the time when the content was current)?
If you have done progression raiding on any other character(s), please let us know about their class, the spec you played and link their armories.
IV Tech and communication
How stable is your connection? What is your average fps and latency?
Quelm uses Discord and requires all raiders to use it both passively (listening to instructions etc) and actively (speaking when required). Are you able and willing to communicate via Discord during raids?
Quelm's official language is English. How well do you understand and speak it?
V The Social Side
What are your previous guilds and what is/was the reason for leaving them?
Our raid days are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 20:30 to 23:30 server time. Can you reliably make all of these times?
If anything might regularly interfere with these raid times please elaborate
Do you know anyone in the guild that can possibly vouch for you? If so: who, and where do you know them from?
Please describe yourself in any way that you want
Do you have any questions or would you like to add something?
What is the secret answer for the application?
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