Guild Info

Guild info in a nutshell:

Quelm is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Alliance side of Nagrand-EU.
Our focus is in raiding and we aim to clear content on Mythic while it's current at a 3 days, 9 hours / week schedule (20.30-23.30 server time on Wed, Sun, Mon).

Guild Master: Crusha (Crusha#2983)
Officers: Deadlyshade (Deadlyshade#2465), Uzual (Amy#2621)

What do we offer as a guild?

Quelm is an active guild with people online at most times of the day (and night). While our focus is clearly on Mythic raiding, we also do Mythic+ and other fun stuff together and it's not unusual to find people on Discord branching to other games together as well.
All in all we're a friendly bunch and try to welcome newcomers to join in.

If you're thinking about applying, here's some useful information:

* We're looking for committed players only. As we raid only 3 days / week we expect that you can usually make the raids - minimum attendance is 85%. Last minute cancellations or being late should happen only very very rarely.
* We use Discord as a voice comm, you must understand English and have a mic.
* We expect any applicant to know their class and spec, pure dps should be able to play any of their specs and with hybrids it's a big plus if you can play your off-specs when needed.

We raid 3 days a week. Our raiding days are Wednesday, Sunday and Monday, 20:30-23:30 RT. 

Our trial period for new members lasts typically two weeks but can be extended if there are problems. During this time you will have lower loot prio.

If you think all this sounds like something you might enjoy, please use the raider application to apply and answer all questions as fully as possible as this is our first impression of you.

Feel free to contact one of the officers if you have any questions :)

Guild Rules & Raiding Etiquette

Guild Bank

Raiders are entitled to take what they need for raiding and other guild events. Alts and members are free to take anything they may find useful in the lower tabs. The guild bank runs on gold gained by selling BoE's that drop on our raids and that no-one needs for their main spec.

Note that taking a BoE and selling it, or taking guild bank material to sell is very much forbidden.


Trials will automatically get website access after their application is accepted. Socials can get it through here (let an Officer know you've registered if you don't get access withing a day). 

We have important stickies in the raiding subforums as well as tactics for progression in their own forums; all raiders should read these to be up to date with things.


We expect all our members to be social at least on some level and ask you treat other members of the guild with respect. It's worth noting that our members could be considered quite... 'direct'. We joke around a lot so people with personality problems, that take things too seriously or can't have a laugh need not apply.

We expect you to behave in an appropriate manner that others won't consider to be offensive or insulting. Remember, you carry our guild name above your head! This means no spam, no flaming, no slagging off other players or guilds and in general not being a full retard.


Attendance - You MUST have consistent attendance. We only want reliable raiders that we can depend on. You're no good to us if you can only raid on one day of the week or are going to be late a lot. We require a minimum 85% attendance from our raiders.
* All raids are in the in-game calendar and you are expected to sign up to any raid you can attend, preferably at least a day or two ahead of time
* When you cannot attend a raid you decline the calendar invitation AND post in the absences thread on the forums letting us know that you can't make it
* If you're not sure whether you can make it (for good reason; this should be rare) sign up tentative and explain what's going on in our absences thread
* If you're planning a holiday etc. let us know well ahead of time in the absences thread
Not following this system, for example repeatedly not showing up for raids after signing up etc. may lead to consequences such as lower loot prio, benching, or losing your raid spot.

When we are progressing, our raiders are required to actively read the tactics section on the website. Raiders have to be up to date with current tactics for each boss for each progress raid.

Communicating during raids is a required from everyone (when asked a question, you must be able to answer). Banter is optional and something Quelm loves to do, however during progress or difficult encounters it's expected to have a more serious mindset and people who continuously disrupt the raid will risk being replaced.

Constantly afk'ing during trash or otherwise is not acceptable as we have no time to waste. 

When on raids there will be much wiping and it's easy to get frustrated, however, we expect everyone to keep negative thoughts to yourself and try to stay positive. Drama is not tolerated and this works according to two simple rules: do not start anything and if there already is drama, stay out of it and do not escalate it, the officers will sort things.


Everyone must have the best enchants and gems on their gear. It will be tracked by the loot council. Not having this gives you lower loot priority until fixed. Everyone will use flasks, food and pots every raid encounter attempt we do.This means progress AND farm. Augment runes are required when we are close to a kill and the raid leader mentions you should use them. Everyone will have tomes in raid. Hearthstoning during trash to change talents is not acceptable as it slows us down. Vantus runes are provided by the GB for progress.

Artifact Power / Mythic+

We require our raiders to do at least one higher level mythic+ per week for the weekly cache under normal circumstances. Everybody must be keeping up with traits to their fellow raiders - no hardcore grinding is required, high AP WQ's and weekly mythic+ should be fine to keep you up to speed. Anyone wanting to reroll is expected to put in extra effort in order to catch up as quickly as possible.

Finally, the answer to the secret question on the app is: Black Sabbath

Grats for making it this far!